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What sets us apart

Switching Roofs
Specializing in energy
efficient roofing


  • High performance, cost efficient roof coatings (single source solution for TPO, PVC and any other flat roof system as well as metal).

  • Restore any roof to better than original condition plus a 20-year warranty (labor and material).

  • High performance and leak proof barrier in all the valleys instead of metal to insure longevity or the roof.

  • Foam roof 70% recycle material, sustainable green 

  • Save 40% on heating & cooling

  • High reflectivity

  • Increased performance of solar panels

  • Coatings: 20 year warranty for silicone and acrylics. “Why reroof when we can refurbish and save with 0 waste”

For every qualified client we offer a
custom engraved, cutting-edge gift package as special thanks!

Real referrals are gladly given upon request.

We care about our customers

There is a saying... you can’t have it good AND fast, but we prove that saying wrong. Here at Energy Bandits, specialist in roofing, all of our projects are done efficiently while paying attention to details. Never cutting corners, we install ice and water shield and high performance under lament as a free standard upgrade instead of using felt like most other roofing companies in DFW.


We know your time is valuable so we have no less than

6 crew roofing experts on a site so that we can get the roof installation done quickly to your satisfaction. In most cases one day!  Attention to details are what we are about leaving your home garbage free - picking up after ourselves so you don't have to.

We love hearing from our customers and value a mutual long-term relationship for all future roofing, gutter, and/or staining needs. 


Questions? Please give us a call! 



Ask about our hail proof option to

upgrade your flat roof system! 
Polyurethane foam: hail proof system includes high effiecient roof membrane. Greenest option, 0 waste green option for ultra-high efficiency.

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