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The Process

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Turn-key Roofing Experts


NOTE: When you receive a check from your insurance company, it will usually need to be cosigned by your lender/mortgage company. We start immediately upon payment and will represent you when insurance companies try to cut corners in costs of materials or labors.


We are here for you!

DFW Trusted Roofers
STEP 1: Let us give you a free consultation and assessment

Let us come out to your home and assess the hail damage to your entire house. We promise to do a thorough assessment and give you options while at your place so you don't have to. It's easy to miss cracked windows or damage to your roof that you can't even see!

STEP 2: Call your insurance company

It's important that you file a claim immediately so that the insurance will assign a case number and schedule their adjuster to come to your property to do their assessment. We will meet with that insurance adjuster and become your liaison to represent you and to ensure that they have pictures and notes of everything that needs to be fixed. Remember insurance companies don't want to cover EVERYTHING. It costs them money on things that should be fixed and covered. 

STEP 3: Schedule the roof installation and repair

You don't even have to be home! Our expert roofing crew can install your roof quickly while paying attention to details and quality craftsmanship. Once the work is complete, we clean up all debris - nails, trash etc. Leaving your home just as we found it... but even better.

Quality roofing repair guarantee
STEP 4: We call your insurance company for inspection

Now your roof is installed, we will call your insurance company to schedule an inspection and stamp of approval!

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