Nitrocoat Coatings

Nitrocoats polyureas can be used on new or retrofit projects to repair a damaged surface where expensive replacements would traditionally be considered. They are 100% solid with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or offensive odors. Zero VOCs mean a BaySystems NorthAmerica Certified Applicator can go into confined space, and work safely.

Nitrocoat Polyureas are sprayed-on coating systems with high abrasion resistance, high chemical resistance, excellent durability and excellent flexibility.

Polyureas can be walked on within one minute after application. This permits a business to get back online as quickly as possible. There are 12 formulations available for virtually any application or need.

Polyurea elastomeric coatings have very unique properties:

• Completely waterproof.
• Flexible, impervious coating—bridges cracks.
• Fast cure time—can support foot traffic in minutes.
• Resistant to many solvents, acids and corrosive compounds.
• Very wide range of thickness available in a single spraying.
• Creates a seamless surface.