Durashield Coatings

Ultraviolet rays (UV) combined with moisture can play havoc with the deterioration of an exposed surface. Exposed surfaces can include, but not limited to; architectural structures, the exterior substrate of containment tanks, out-door piping systems and roofs. The ultraviolet (UV) stabilization found in BaySystems NorthAmerica protective coatings are an indispensable element of the BaySystems NorthAmerica Protective Coating line. After application, the surface is protected from UV degradation and temperature variations.

When used as waterproofing components, these materials are capable of resisting hydrostatic pressure and are categorized as waterproofing materials.

The Durashield protective coating line is offered in a variety of formulations, reflectivity and emissivity ratings and custom colors.

Durashield (acrylics) are water-based elastomeric coatings widely used in BaySystems NorthAmerica’s MAPS Program as a “cool” roof coating. They have earned the CRRC® rating due to their high reflectivity of harmful UV rays.

Bounceback is a formulation of elastomeric acrylic incorporating recycled rubber and fibers. Bounceback protects roof surfaces, decks and walls. The distinctive texture from the recycled rubber creates a stucco-like finish when used for wall systems. This coating is bird and insect resistant and can be used to bridge small crevices and holes.

Durastucco provides an elastomeric stucco finish for new walls or to refurbish existing plaster walls. Durastucco can be applied as a finish on exterior walls over spray foam insulation.

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